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At a hearing held in June 2017 under the Football Association Rules, Ashley Cukier represented a prominent football agent in his claim against a footballer former-client for unpaid agency fees. The FA Arbitral Tribunal has now handed down its Award, confirming that the agent’s claim has succeeded in full. Dismissing the footballer’s case, the Tribunal ruled that the footballer’s defences (of misrepresentation, duress, and a failure to provide services) were not borne out by the evidence, and that there was no reason to depart from the terms of the Representation Contract itself. The identity of the parties, as in the majority of FA Arbitrations, remains confidential. 

Ashley Cukier was instructed by David Winnie, Head of Sports Law at Ronald Fletcher Baker. 

Ashley is a member of the Littleton Sports Law Group and advises regularly on football and other sporting matters. Littleton has particular expertise in sports law and is ranked as a leading sports law set. For enquiries, contact one of the clerks on 020 7797 8600 or clerks@littletonchambers.co.uk.
Posted: 21.08.2017 at 09:13
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