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Lucy Bone writes Confidentiality Clauses and Sex Harassment
Added: 18.02.2019   |  Tags:  Comments  Employment Law
Can an employer rely on a contractual confidentiality clause to prevent disclosure of allegations of harassment and discrimination? This was the question posed in Linklaters v. Mellish [2019] EWHC 177, heard by the High Court last week.

Lydia Banerjee writes
Added: 14.02.2019   |  Tags:  Comments  Commercial Law
The professional obligations owed by auditors have been under the spot light in two recent cases.

Nick Goodfellow on asset disclosure orders in the BVIs
Added: 05.02.2019   |  Tags:  Comments  International & Offshore
In October 2018, the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court handed down judgment in Emmerson International Corporation v Vekselberg and others BVIHCM 2013/060.

Antony Sendall: Winter is Coming – How to Manage the Snowflakes
Added: 29.01.2019   |  Tags:  Comments  Employment Law
With heavy snowfall already occurring or at least expected this week, many employers will be wondering what the legal position is about paying or even disciplining staff unable to get to work or who fail to attend, blaming the bad weather.

Grahame Anderson on Rule K Arbitrations: Littleton’s step-by-step guide
Added: 29.01.2019   |  Tags:  Comments  Sports Law
This is the first in our new series of step-by-step guides to conducting FA Rule K Arbitrations. It looks at pre-action steps, jurisdiction challenges and interim relief.

Nicholas Siddall on Uber: form, substance and judicial intervention
Added: 23.01.2019   |  Tags:  Comments  Employment Law
Nicholas Siddall on Uber: form, substance and judicial intervention

Marc Delehanty on staying English proceedings in favour of pending proceedings in non-EU countries
Added: 17.01.2019   |  Tags:  Comments  Commercial Law  EU Law
In a recent judgment involving an issue of lis pendens, Fancourt J stayed proceedings brought in the Chancery Division against three English companies on the basis that there were already related proceedings pending in Ukraine: Privatbank v Kolomoisky, Bogolyubov and others [2018] EWHC 3308 (Ch).

Lydia Banerjee on the 2019 Watch List
Added: 14.01.2019   |  Tags:  Comments  Employment Law
As we settle into the daily routine of work life after the peace and goodwill of Christmas it is perhaps worth reminding ourselves about some of the issues and cases to look out for in the coming year.

Ashley Cukier on the FA v Jose Mourinho: the 'Special One' succeeds in legitimate expectation defence
Added: 03.01.2019   |  Tags:  Comments  Sports Law
Ashley Cukier on the Football Association v Jose Mourinho: Has the Special One left a further (lesser-heralded) legacy to English football?

James Green: High Court makes finding of serious irregularity in rule K Arbitration
Added: 05.12.2018   |  Tags:  Comments  Sports Law
The High Court last week handed down its judgment in Fleetwood Wanderers Limited v AFC Fylde Limited [2018] EWHC 3318 (Comm), holding that a Rule K Arbitration Award was marred by serious irregularity. The successful Claimant was represented by Paul Gilroy QC.

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