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Madoff ‘feeder fund’ appeal: Privy Council rules that BVI insolvency remedies can be granted in foreign courts
Added: 28.05.2019   |  Tags:  Comments  Commercial Law  International & Offshore
Madoff ‘feeder fund’ appeal: Privy Council rules that BVI insolvency remedies can be granted in foreign courts

Littleton Sports Law Group members speak at Football Law conference
Added: 24.05.2019   |  Tags:  News  Comments  On Sport
Members of the Littleton Sports Law Group participated at the LawInSport Football Law Conference

Inspire Sports Law Initiative welcomes Miles Benjamin
Added: 24.05.2019   |  Tags:  Comments  Sports Law
Littleton's Sports Law Group was delighted to host former professional rugby player, Miles Benjamin, as part of its Inspire Sports Law Initiative

Added: 21.05.2019   |  Tags:  Comments  Employment Law  Sports Law  Arbitration  On Sport  Dispute Resolution
Previous instalments of this series on FA Rule K Arbitrations have covered pre-action matters, including jurisdictional challenges and interim relief, and strategic approaches to commencing the proceedings and responding to a Notice of Arbitration. The (hypothetical) litigation is now well under way and, accordingly, our attention turns to the procedure after the arbitral tribunal has been fully c

CCOO: The CJEU sets the Working Time Cat amongst the Pigeons
Added: 15.05.2019   |  Tags:  Comments  Employment Law
After the recent and protracted litigation as regards holiday entitlement and the extent to which voluntary overtime needed to be included in the calculation of pay the CJEU has again raised serious doubts as to the lawfulness of the Working Time Regulations 1998 in a separate and hugely material regard.

Equality and Diversity in Sport: Current Issues featuring Grahame Anderson and Libby Payne
Added: 14.05.2019   |  Tags:  Comments  Sports Law  On Sport
Grahame Anderson, Deputy Head of Sports Law Group at Littleton, in discussion with Libby Payne, a former competitive fencer, governing body board member and Senior Associate at Withersworldwide, call on their experience and discuss Equality and Diversity in Sport: Current Issues.

Bamieh: The Court of Appeal rules on territorial jurisdiction over co-workers
Added: 13.05.2019   |  Tags:  Comments  Employment Law
On Thursday (9 May 2019), the Court of Appeal handed down its decision in Foreign and Commonwealth Office and ors v Bamieh [2019] EWCA Civ 803, deciding that the Employment Tribunal did not have territorial jurisdiction over whistleblowing claims brought by an FCO employee working at EULEX against individual co-workers.

Former Soviet oligarchs march on London courts
Added: 10.05.2019   |  Tags:  Comments  Commercial Law
An article in yesterday’s Times (‘Former Soviet oligarchs march on London to fight legal battles’) describes how the largest group of foreign litigants in High Court commercial cases originate from former Soviet countries. This continues the trend seen over a number of years.

John Bowers QC's Employment Law Blog
Added: 10.05.2019   |  Tags:  Comments  Employment Law
We should now stand back from the moral panic about non-disclosure agreements and dispassionately review their effects. That panic has been generated by wide clauses in the cases of in particular Harvey Weinstein and Sir Philip Green and they have generated moral revulsion and press interest and then the inevitable Parliamentary Select Committees have got involved. Even the Prime Minister took tim

Ming-Yee Shiu writes Recovery of foreign lawyers’ fees in the BVI
Added: 08.05.2019   |  Tags:  Comments  International & Offshore
Until late 2015 the recovery of foreign lawyers’ fees in litigation in the BVI was allowed in principle at common law regardless of whether or not the lawyers concerned were qualified to practise in the BVI. Litigants were able to recover fees incurred as a disbursement of local lawyers if the court was satisfied that the fees were justified as a reasonable expense.

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