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In April 2012 Littleton became the first Chambers to hold its own seminar in Kiev.
We have extensive experience of CIS related disputes and growing practices in this area. Littleton’s commercial team has been involved in substantial CIS litigation and arbitration involving joint venture, commercial contract, commodities corporate and shareholder and fraud disputes.
The CIS is a legal market of primary importance. Disputes from the region often involve common themes and recurring legal points that are transferrable to future cases. The Littleton Chambers CIS Group is a specialist and flexible team providing a niche service in this area, building on our current experience and benefitting from the ability to share our extensive experience and knowledge in a systematic way. 
Our CIS cases include: 
  • Soinco SACI v. Novokuznetsk Aluminium Plant (equitable execution of judgements by the appointment of a receiver and the making of disclosure orders in aid of the receivership) 
  • Soinco SACI v. Novokuznetsk Aluminium Plant (No2) (English Court’s discretion to refuse to enforce a New York Convention Award on the grounds of public policy and to refuse a garnishee order absolute on the grounds of "double jeopardy”)
  • Oba Enterprises Limited and ors v. Avisma Titano-Magnesium Kombinat (litigation in Isle of Man, Republic of Ireland and USA concerning alleged fraud and "transfer pricing” scam)
  • OJSC Yugraneft v. Abramovich (multi-billion dollar fraud dispute involving arguments over jurisdiction and the domicile of the defendants, the governing law of fraud based claims, Russian law claims relating to fraud, limitation under Russian law and fair trial issues)
  • OJSC Yugraneft, Millhouse Capital UK Ltd & another v. Sibir Energy Plc and others (application by liquidator of a Russian company for the appointment of provisional liquidator in England for the purpose of pursuing a claim in the jurisdiction) 
  • Zeynalov v. BP Exploration Caspian Sea (extra-territorial jurisdiction of Employment Tribunal) 
  • Gudavadze, Patarkatsishvilli, Zhmotova & Others v. Kay and Patarkatsishvilli (dispute over the assets of deceased Georgian oligarch, res juidicata and service out of the jurisdiction)
  • i-CD (UK) Ltd v Popkov (quarter of a billion dollar claim brought by the claimant arising out of the Defendant’s establishment and operation of the social networking website ODNOKLASSNIKI.COM)
  • Environment Recycling Technologies Plc & Anr v Daley (allegations of fraud and breaches of fiduciary duty in relation to the operation and sale of a woollen mill in Kyrgystan)
  • TA Music v Universal International Music BV (royalty accounting dispute arising out of sales of recordings by the all-girl Russian pop group t.A.T.u.)
  • Confidential freezing and disclosure orders against various CIS companies arising from alleged breaches of fiduciary duty and alleged fraudulent expropriation of shares
  • Litigation concerning the distribution of a trust fund set up to hold the proceeds of a confidential settlement of alleged fraud, misappropriation and breach of duties claims arising from the operation of a CIS co. worldwide
  • Advising on money laundering and confidentiality issues concerning the UK activities of a Ukraine company
  • Dispute concerning alleged "transfer pricing” scam and diversion of assets by officers of a CIS company
  • Fraud action relating to gold in Kazakhstan and involving fortification of cross undertaking as to damages and cross examination in support of a freezing injunction
  • LCIA arbitration relating to mining in a CIS country
  • Professional negligence action concerning secret business interests in Kazakhstan
  • Joint venture dispute between Russian parties over the purchase of a yacht
  • Corporate dispute between CIS parties relating to share options
  • LCIA arbitration between Russian parties involving a commodities dispute
  • LCIA arbitration between Russian parties involving a joint venture dispute 
  • Fraud dispute between Ukrainian parties relating to the sale and purchase of oil
  • Enforcement of an arbitral award involving Russian and English parties
  • Enforcement of Russian court judgment 
  • Sale of goods dispute between Russian and Indian parties
Between them members of the CIS Group have Russian language skills, extensive knowledge of CIS procedural and substantive laws and the commercial context in which CIS disputes arise as well as a significant network of local connections.
Our bespoke seminars include the Littleton co-sponsored ABA Dispute Resolutions Seminar in Moscow in September 2010 on Cross-Border Dispute Resolution: The Perspective for Russia and the CIS, at which Littleton’s Rupert D’Cruz was a keynote speaker. 
For further details about the CIS Group and its programme of activities please contact Liz Dux
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