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For many businesses, it is not a matter of if they will face a discrimination claim, but when. This burgeoning area of law is both legally intricate and highly-charged.

Whilst the financial stakes can be high for both sides, questions of reputation and principle are just as likely to be of key concern.

Littleton has always been at the forefront of equality and discrimination law, acting for the EHRC (and its predecessors) in several cases, as well as Claimants and Respondents/Defendants in every type of discrimination claim.

Our depth of shared experience means that even our most junior members can offer an excellent service in this area.

Key cases include:

  • Aylott v Stockton and Tees Borough Council 2010 CA scope of direct and disability-related discrimination.
  • Cherfi v G4S Security Services Ltd UKEAT/0379/10/DM: indirect religious discrimination and Friday working.
  • English v Thomas Sanderson [2009] IRLR 206 harassment of employee not believed to be homosexual.
  • Johns v Solent principles for granting a stay pending a reference to the ECJ on age discrimination.
  • GMB v Allen [2008] IRLR 690 sex discrimination by trade union in pay negotiations.
  • Madarassy v Nomura [2007] IRLR 246 (CA) burden of proof in discrimination cases.
  • Matthews v Kent & Medway Fire Authority [2004] IRLR 697 first HL case on part-time workers’ regs and largest ever ET case involving about 11000 Claimants.
  • Harvest Time Circle Ltd v Rutherford [2001] IRLR 599 (EAT) domestic law compatibility with EU law.
  • R v Secretary of State for Defence ex p. Smith [1996] IRLR 100 judicial review by gay service men and women.

Littleton barristers regularly publish and lecture in this area. 

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