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From holiday pay and wages disputes handled by Littleton most junior tenants, to large-scale pensions claims and high profile bonus disputes, remuneration is at the heart of employment.

Pay claims, in infinite guises, are a central plank of our work.

Key cases include:

  • Rutherford v Seymour Pierce [2010] IRLR 606 and Ridgeway v JP Morgan Chase [2007] EWHC 1325 city bonus disputes
  • Nottingham University v Eyett [1999] IRLR 87 occupational pensions schemes and the implied term of mutual trust and confidence
  • Small and others v Boots Co. Plc [2009] IRLR 328 discretionary bonuses in the context of TUPE
  • Hagen v ICI [2002] IRLR 31 pension rights in the context of TUPE
  • Gibson v East Riding Yorkshire District Council [2000] ICR 890 and Chambers and another v Mobile Response LimitedGridquest v Blackburn [2002] IRLR 168 EAT/0039/09/RN, Working Time Regulations
  • Dolphin Packaging v Pensions Ombudsman [1995] OPLR 331 first case on pension ombudsman jurisdiction
  • Booth v Oldham MBC [2009] Pens LR 325 interpretation of local government disability pension scheme
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