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Littleton has been highly influential in the development of the law protecting those who have made protected disclosures and protected acts from victimisation.

John Bowers QC and Jeremy Lewis wrote "Whistleblowing: The New Law(OUP: Bowers, Lewis and Mitchell) when the Public Interest Disclosure Act came into force; now John Bowers QC, Martin Fodder, Jeremy Lewis co-author (with Jack Mitchell) "Whistleblowing, Law and Practice" (now in its second, 2012, edition), a leading text which is cited in many of significant CA and EAT authorities. A cumulative updater is available by clicking here

Key cases include:

  • Kuzel v Roche Products Limited [2008] ICR 799 burden of proof in whistleblowing dismissals
  • St Helens Metropolitan Borough Council v Derbyshire [2007] IRLR 540 victimisation under the Sex Discrimination Act
  • Pinnington v City and Council of Swansea and the Ysgol Crug Glas School [2005] ICR 685 Alleged "whistleblowing" dismissal for uncovering allegations of child abuse
  • Ganatra v. LNBIE Limited [2004] All ER (D) 63 extent of disclosure obligations in whisteblowing cases
  • Woodward v Abbey National [2006] IRLR 677 post-employment detriment in whistleblowing
  • Darnton v University of Surrey [2003] IRLR 133 test for qualifying disclosure
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