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Littleton remains the first port of call for many clients seeking to obtain or resist urgent injunctive relief, especially freezing or search orders, in both domestic and international litigation. Littleton's expertise extends to all urgent commercial interim matters. It is rare for there not to be an injunction in Chambers, and some members of Chambers have been involved in successive urgent interim applications for substantial periods. With a mastery of the procedural issues which arise this gives them a weight of recent experience when making the necessary judgments as to what arguments will or will not prove persuasive to a court, and what traps to avoid on ex parte applications. The clerking team continues to attract regular positive feedback for its expertise in handling urgent matters and has excellent relationships with listing officers in the Commercial Court, Chancery Division and Queen’s Bench Division enabling applications to be brought on efficiently and advantageously for clients.

Members of Littleton have appeared in the following leading cases on injunctive relief:

  • Balkanbank v Taher (applications both in Commercial Court and High Court in Ireland)
  • Soinco SACI v Novokuznetsk Aluminium Plant [1998] QB 406; [1998] 2 Lloyds Rep 346 (s. 25 CJJA relief re: enforcement of foreign judgments and arbitration awards)
  • Refco Inc. V Eastern Trading Company & others [1999] 1 Lloyds Rep 159
    (s. 25 CJJA relief re: enforcement of foreign judgments and arbitration awards)
  • Zakharov & Others v White [2003] All ER 453 (freezing order enforcement: bench warrants, passport orders, legal expenses exemptions);
  • Dadourian Group Inc v Simms & others [2006] 1 WLR 2499 (CA guidelines on procedure and evidence for application to enforce worldwide freezing injunction);
  • Fourie v Le Roux [2007] UKHL 1 (freezing orders, duty of disclosure, foreign proceedings);
  • Belletti v Morici [2010] 1 All ER (Comm) 412 (worldwide freezing injunction; s. 25 CJJA relief);
  • Hotel Cipriani SRL v Cipriani International SA [2010] Ch (material non-disclosure);
  • JSC BTA Bank v Abylazov, Drey Associates & others [2010] 1 WLR 976 (freezing orders: disclosure of assets and privilege against self-incrimination).

Beyond its legal expertise, Littleton is noted for its readiness to act at short notice and out of hours, its approachable style and emphasis on team-work, which is so important to lay and professional clients in injunctive work.

Littleton is committed to maintaining its pre-eminence in this field by giving junior members of Chambers early and regular exposure to this work as part of litigation teams as well as gaining experience on their own account.

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