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Sometimes the subject matter of a case will be so sensitive as to require court orders to preserve confidentiality, prevent harassment and restrict media reporting. Our barristers are experienced in managing such cases, including drafting appropriate orders.

When confidential information or documentation is disclosed or referred to in litigation it is often important to maintain that confidentiality. We can help our clients deploy the full range of legal devices available including injunctions, confidential schedules, confidentiality club agreements, restricted reporting orders, redactions, anonymisation and other data protection tools.

Our employment law specialist barristers are experienced at obtaining and defending applications for restricted reporting orders in the Employment Tribunal in cases involving allegations of sexual misconduct and disability cases where evidence of a personal nature is likely to be heard by the tribunal (including Chessington World of Adventures v Reed ex parte News Group Newspapers Ltd [1998] IRLR 56) and interim orders to protect whistleblowers.

Caroline Harry Thomas QC contributed to the setting up of the High Court Family Division's web link for media injunctions in medical cases involving children and was part of the team which drafted the standard form injunctions for use in such cases. W (by her litigation friend B) v M [2011] EWHC 1197 (COP) was the first case in which the Court ordered an anti "re-tweeting" injunction.

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