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This handbook, in an A-Z dictionary format, is intended to make the law and practice of tribunal remedies readily accessible to lawyers, HR professionals, trade union representatives and indeed anyone representing themselves in an employment dispute. The handbook will be relevant throughout the life of every tribunal claim, whether for valuing a claim before proceedings have started, during negotiation and mediation, or identifying the relevant principles at a tribunal hearing.

Each employment right that can be enforced in an employment tribunal is summarised, followed by the principles that will be applied to any remedies. For example, the common claims of unfair dismissal, discrimination and detriment are covered, and also all the numerous less litigated rights such as time off for study and training and the right of a TUPE transferee to be notified of employee liability information. For each such entry the nature of any award is set out, such as the route to calculate a basic award or the principles that will be applied to calculate a compensatory award.

There are also separate entries for each element of a remedy and the principles used in its calculation, so there are separate entries for mitigation, loss of a chance, tax treatment, grossing up, adjustments, recoupment, the definition of a week’s pay, and many other elements of a remedy calculation. Each entry is also cross-referenced to other entries, so it is possible to start anywhere in the book when a specific issue arises, not just at the particular right that is being enforced.

The text is supported by worked examples, to show clearly how the law is applied. 40 essential tables are included with up to date information on caps, limitation periods, fees, National Minimum Wage rates and much more, so that the information needed is always to hand.

The book will be republished annually to ensure that the information within it is up to date, and is available both as a printed book and as an ebook.

The book can be purchased from Bath Publishing here.

Posted: 22.05.2014 at 09:25
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