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Anirudh Mathur

Anirudh Mathur

Call: 2017


“Terrific with my clients. Handled the case and the court with aplomb.”

Anirudh Mathur

“Terrific with my clients. Handled the case and the court with aplomb.”


Anirudh has a broad practice across commercial, employment and discrimination, sports, international and public law. His instructions often raise issues overlapping these areas. He currently acts for a wide range of clients, from high net worth commercial parties to vulnerable individuals.

Significant instructions and advocacy experience include:

  • Acting as part of the Claimants’ core team in Mariana v BHP (junior counsel in team led by Charles Hollander QC). This multi-billion pound commercial group action is a ‘business and human rights case’, arising from the collapse of a Brazilian dam. It is one of The Lawyer’s Top 20 Cases for 2020.
  • Acting for a Claimant in a multi-million pound bonus dispute (as junior counsel to David Reade QC).
  • Acting for the Claimants in a Special Educational Needs challenge (as junior counsel to Adam Solomon QC).
  • Arguing pro bono for an Indian anti-corruption NGO in hearings against mineral miners, before a Committee comprising retired Indian Supreme Court Justices (prior to pupillage, unled). Anirudh argued against two top-tier Indian Silks over 5 days of hearings. The Committee commended his advocacy.

As well as:

  • Advising on a £4m asset recovery matter raising issues under the Proceeds of Crime Act (as junior counsel to James Ramsden QC).
  • Advising on the merits of a £250k civil fraud claim (as sole counsel).
  • Acting for a Claimant in a case raising allegations of sexual harassment, discrimination and victimisation, scheduled for a 7 day ET trial (as junior counsel to Lucy Bone).
  • Numerous instructions in ET hearings and trials (as sole counsel).

Prior to pupillage Anirudh:

  • Assisted on a number of landmark cases before the Indian Courts. These include the ‘Rohingya case,’ challenging the proposed deportation of India’s Rohingya refugees. Anirudh continues to provide pro bono international law advice on this matter.
  • Worked as a legal researcher for a UN Human Rights Council body investigating human rights violations, and for the Justice Verma Committee (tasked with reforming Indian criminal law to tackle sexual violence).
  • Worked at a legal aid centre for refugees in Lesvos, Greece.

He graduated top of the year in his master’s degree at LSE, and in the GDL at City University (with one of the highest set of marks ever awarded). As an undergraduate he read PPE at Oxford University, winning a number of prizes for academic performance.

Anirudh is a trustee of ‘Good Chance’: a charity and theatre company that uses art to help marginalised individuals rediscover confidence and agency. It is perhaps best known as the production company of the award winning West End play ‘The Jungle.’




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