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Three days less? No ET claims can be commenced online between 4pm Friday 26 July,13 -Monday 29 July

Claimants have to bring their claim before 29 July 2013 to avoid paying the new ET fees. However, for claims commenced on the ET’s online system three days have now been knocked off this deadline. If a claim is to be made online, the Ministry of Justice (MOJ) have stated that it will need to be submitted by 4pm on 26 July 2013.

Today MOJ formally announced that it will publish the new ET1 form on 29 July 2013, the same day the Tribunal fee charging system is due to come into force. This new form is to be used for claims made on and after that date and it is envisaged that the “old” ET1 will no longer be valid. The full announcement is available here.

This announcement also states:

Please note: The online submission service will no longer be able to accept claims from 4pm on Friday 26 July 2013. The new online submission service, with the new ET1 form, will be available from Monday 29 July.”

This announcement does not say whether this deadline is intended also to apply to proceedings started by other means (eg. email/ post/ personal service ) rather than on the online system.

For more information or to speak to one of our barristers please contact the clerks on 020 7797 8600.
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