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Littleton’s Covid Related Employment Webinars


Join us for Littleton’s Covid Related Employment Webinars:

Collective Consultation in 2020
Date: Tuesday 26 May 2020
Time: 4-5pm
In this webinar David Reade QC and Daniel Northall will provide a practical guide to the issues and approach to collective consultation, which will look at:
• The proposal for collective redundancies, establishments and the affected employees
• Identifying and organising appropriate representation
• Consulting with furloughed staff
• The special circumstances defence at a time of Covid-19
• The interrelationship between redundancy and TUPE consultation

Varying Contractual Terms and Policies in the Time of Covid-19 and a Post-Covid-19 World: 
Date: Monday 1 June 2020
Time: 4-5pm
Weeks of lockdown and an uncertain future are transforming businesses and requiring employers and employees to confront the reality of multiple and wide-ranging changes to the workplace and to employees’ contracts of employment.
In this webinar Carol Davis and Joseph Bryan explore the challenges in varying contractual terms and policies as a result of Covid-19. In particular, Carol and Joseph will focus on the following:

What might need to be varied?

  •       Pay and remuneration: the effect of furlough and ‘voluntary’ reductions
  •        Changes to contractual and non-contractual policies: absence/sickness/home-working/conduct
  •        The extent to which variations change/develop depending on changes in social distancing

How to vary terms?

  •       Consultation/collective consultation
  •       Unilateral changes
  •       The impact of and on trust and confidence

What are the legal and business consequences?

  •       Discrimination: direct and indirect
  •       Trust and confidence issues in the post-Covid-19 world

Please contact us at if you would like to attend

Future Topics Featuring in our Employment Webinar Series:

  • Employment Claims Involving Insolvent Companies
  • Health and Safety Whistleblowing
  • Bonus and Discretionary Pay Disputes
  • Harassment and Discrimination Issues In Current Climate
  • Flexible Working Disputes
  • Business Protection During Lockdown
  • Partnership SplitsDates for the topics featured in June and July will be advertised soon.


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