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Littleton Chambers is a long-established civil set, specialising in employment and commercial litigation. We are acknowledged as being a leading set in both areas.

Our tenants feature in many of the most significant cases in these fields and regularly appear in the Court of Appeal, the Supreme Court and the ECJ. Our success is based upon both the desire to maintain high professional standards and a willingness to embrace change.

Chambers prides itself not only on the skills of its tenants as advocates and lawyers, but also on their practical and friendly approach. This creates an environment which is productive, supportive and down to earth.

We take a considerable amount of care in choosing our pupils. We like to take on pupils who have excellent academic records, who show a flair for advocacy and have the strong interpersonal skills necessary to succeed at the modern day Bar.

Over the 12 month period pupils have three months with four different supervisors. Our experience has taught us that this provides exposure to Chambers' main areas of practice, whilst at the same time allowing pupils sufficient time to learn from each supervisor.

All pupils receive a structured programme of training and assessment both in advocacy and drafting. Further, our advocacy and written assessments allow Chambers to take tenancy decisions on a fair and open basis. However pupillage here is not meant to be a competition between pupils for places, rather we have consistently taken on any pupil who meets our rigorous standards.

PLEASE NOTE: Repeat applications will not be progressed past the paper-based assessment round unless the applicant demonstrates a substantial change in circumstances from their previous application.


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