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Tenancy Post Pupillage

We view each pupil whom we recruit as a potential new tenant. There is no element of internal competition. By this we mean that if a pupil achieves the requisite standard to be offered tenancy, a tenancy will be offered irrespective of the number of other pupils who also achieve that standard. Nevertheless, our standards are exacting because our aim is to recruit people who will contribute significantly to the success of Littleton. Tenancy is a long-term commitment, both for chambers and for the newly recruited tenant.

We aim to make tenancy decisions early enough to give any unsuccessful candidate a good opportunity to secure a third six pupillage at an alternative set. However, the precise date of the decision will depend on the circumstances in any particular year.

Tenancy decisions are made by Chambers as a whole and consideration is given to:

  • Legal analysis skills
  • Drafting and other written skills
  • Formal advocacy skills
  • The ability to assimilate complicated facts and law quickly and accurately
  • The ability to construct or destroy a line of argument
  • The capacity to work well with others both inside and outside chambers
  • Judgment
  • A firm understanding of relevant professional standards

We do not expect that a person completing pupillage will be “the finished product”. However, we will not offer tenancy to someone in whom we do not have complete confidence.

Your final pupil supervisor will guide you in managing the transition from pupillage to independent practice and you will be given accommodation alongside more senior practitioners who will be able to offer support in the early days of practice.

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