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Littleton mediators have a vast range of experience (both as mediators and litigators) covering not only commercial, employment, and professional negligence but also many other areas of law. They frequently mediate extremely complex, high-profile and very sensitive cases where confidentiality and discretion are paramount. They also have experience of different mediation models, including civil/commercial, workplace and community mediation.

Some of our mediators are also widely experienced in co-mediating with other mediators who may be non-lawyer specialists in the subject-matter of the dispute or when working as part of a team of mediators in multi-party disputes which could not be managed by a single mediator. They are also able to operate both domestically and internationally.

In addition to their mediation skills, Littleton mediators bring their extensive specialist knowledge and other skills to the mediation process. They have the ability to absorb large quantities of complex information rapidly, to analyse the legal and factual issues and are used to identifying the commercial, non-legal and strategic issues in a case which may impact upon the settlement decisions that the parties may wish to consider.

Whilst remaining fiercely independent, our mediators are always approachable, able to establish a relaxed rapport with clients and lawyers alike and can be relied upon to ‘roll up their sleeves’ to assist all of the parties to identify and resolve the issues at stake. They also bring commercial reality and common sense to the mediation process, taking the view that the prospects of resolution are limited only by the imaginations of everyone involved. Littleton mediators work assiduously with creativity and lateral thinking to help the parties to find a resolution of their disputes, however complex or apparently intractable they may be.

Littleton mediators include some of the most experienced mediators in the country, and are commended by the leading directories and commentators. We pride ourselves on the transparency and user-friendliness of our service. Feedback from our clients reflects this:

  • “Clearly extremely thoroughly prepared. Relaxed and confident approach inspired confidence in my clients. Thoughtful approach to the format of the day was very much appreciated.”
  • “I found his knowledge of the subject matter of the dispute to be unparalleled, when compared with other mediators I have used for such relatively weighty matters. His insistent and probing style, and his ability to advance the situation when faced with some quite obvious obstacles proved excellent.”
  • “Thank you for an outstanding job of successfully mediating our dispute, I can say without qualification that the litigation settled because of your skill, patience, and creativity, not to mention your ability to reach to the heart of the case and getting us all talking.”

We provide a comprehensive, flexible and accessible mediation service, which our clients have praised as being “very professional and efficient”. We can also provide mediators at short notice in urgent or fast-moving cases, including business protection or restraint of trade injunction cases.

Our charges are always competitive, and are linked to the value and complexity of claims.

Do not hesitate to contact our clerks or access individual mediation CVs via the links on the bottom of this page for further information.

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