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We must limit Strike Rights, not CEO Pay! Carol Davis joins the Debate

In the first Thomson Reuters Legal Debate of the Year, our own Carol Davis will join a panel of industry experts from law, politics and journalism for a controversial debate on strike rights and CEO pay

Join the audience at Thomson Reuters London on Wednesday 15 March for what promises to be a lively debate on limiting rights to strike, not CEO pay.

Is it outrageous to limit strike rights but not CEO pay? Why is there a bitter backlash when workers strike for the living wage, while the average FTSE100 CEO earns £5.5million each year? With the Prime Minister’s recent u-turns on employee representation at board level, is the UK at a cross-roads?

Following a year of well-publicised industrial action from the RMT regarding pay and conditions, and Junior Doctors striking over their NHS contracts and resulting impacts on healthcare, is it would be hypocritical not to also look more closely at CEO pay? The impact of the new Trade Union Act is still unknown, but should workers fear this new legislation? Is curbing strike rights really appropriate after 8 years of austerity?

Should CEOs and senior executives still receive such large pay packets and increases when junior workers are forced to strike over basic pay and working conditions? Is it wrong to impose new limits on workers’ ability to strike in defence of their rights at a time when the Prime Minister herself has criticised the fact that there is an ‘irrational, unhealthy and growing gap between what… companies pay their workers and what they pay their bosses’?

You decide on the night.

CLICK HERE for more information and to register

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