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Members of Littleton are self-employed ,independent practitioners, sharing premises and administration, operating together in a collegiate environment.

Littleton and its members are regulated by The Bar Standards Board (BSB)  and all of our barristers are listed on the BSB’s Barristers’ Register page.

We receive instructions from a wide range of clients, including UK and International Law firms, in-house legal departments , overseas lawyers and some Members of Chambers accept work directly under the Licensed and Public Access Rules.

The clerking team work in conjunction with the barristers to provide fees estimates and budgets for each instruction. Each member of Chambers has an hourly rate which takes account of the level of expertise of a specific barrister, their skills, the complexity of the matter and the prevailing market rates. Ordinarily, charges for written work and advices are based on hourly rates. However, our clerking team are sometimes willing to consider alternative fee structures, including fixed or capped fees where it may be appropriate to do so. Fees for hearings will usually consist of a brief fee which is an agreed fixed amount to cover all the pre-hearing preparation and the first day of the hearing. Refreshers wil be charged for any subsequent days of the hearing and will be on an agreed fixed fee basis. In certain appropriate cases, some barristers are able to consider certain types of conditional fees or damages- based agreements

VAT will be added where applicable . Expenses incurred by barristers will only be added where agreed at the outset.


Littleton Chambers’ barristers offer their services on our standard conditions of contract (latest revision, October 2018).

A privacy notice which applies to all clients, prospective clients or other third party professional contacts can be found HERE.

These are the published standard terms of Littleton Chambers’ barristers, within the meaning of Rule rC30.9.c(B) of the Code of Conduct in the Bar Standards Board Handbook.  Accordingly, save for legal aid and CPS instructions, the ‘cab rank’ rule does not apply in respect of a request to instruct Littleton Chambers barristers on terms other than these standard terms.

These terms only apply to the instruction of Littleton Chambers’ barristers by Authorised Persons (as defined), including solicitors.  For queries about the terms applicable in respect of instruction by other persons (including public access instructions), please contact our clerks.

Please note that Littleton’s barristers historically provided their services to solicitors under the “Terms of Work on which Barristers Offer their Services to Solicitors and the Withdrawal of Credit Scheme 1988”. The Bar Council withdrew those terms and abolished the Withdrawal of Credit Scheme by which the payment of barristers’ fees was enforced, with effect from 31 January 2013. (The Bar’s Code of Conduct was amended to reflect these changes.)

If you have any queries regarding the above arrangements , please do not hesitate to contact our clerking team.


In contrast to solicitors practicing in partnership, different members of chambers can be instructed on opposite sides of a case. Due to the high number of specialist counsel in chambers, our members frequently appear against each other.

We have a rigorous "Information Barriers” policy in place to deal with these circumstances and ensure complete confidentiality. In such cases each party will be allocated a dedicated clerking team to ensure that the separation of advice and representation is supported by full separation in the practical running of the litigation. Our policy fully complies with Bar Council recommendations in this area.

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