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The combination of our expertise and our unique standard of service makes us the first choice for many firms advising clients faced with making or responding to urgent applications for injunctive relief.

Indeed it is common in such cases to find Littleton barristers instructed by both sides.

From search and freezing orders to team moves, anti-strike injunctions to anti-suit injunctions, electoral challenges to Court of Protection cases, Littleton barristers are expert at obtaining and defending all types of injunctive relief applications.

Our barristers understand the need for rapid, accurate and pragmatic advice, thorough preparation conducted under pressure and carefully drafted supporting documents. Our clerks are particularly experienced in clerking urgent injunctive cases, liaising with listing, fixing, sealing orders and liaising with outdoor clerking services. Members frequently participate in the mediation of urgent disputes, both as counsel and as mediators appointed by the parties.

Littleton is committed to maintaining its pre-eminence in this field by giving junior members of Chambers early and regular exposure to this work as part of litigation teams.

We understand that the most urgent cases do not necessarily arise in business hours. For assistance in extremely urgent matters, solicitors should refer to the out of hours contact details on our Contact Us page.

Areas of expertise include:

  • Employee Competition: Every business is reliant on the skills, knowledge and loyalty of its workforce. When the loyalty of a trusted employee or team is lost, decisive steps are required. Littleton has always been at the cutting edge of the developing law of employee and director duties, and the injunctive relief potentially available to restrain employee competition.
  • Commercial Injunctions: Littleton remains the first port of call for many clients seeking to obtain or resist urgent injunctive relief, especially freezing or search orders, in both domestic and international litigation. Littleton's expertise extends to all urgent commercial interim matters. It is rare for there not to be an injunction in Chambers, and some members of Chambers have been involved in successive urgent interim applications for substantial periods. With a mastery of the procedural issues which arise this gives them a weight of recent experience when making the necessary judgments as to what arguments will or will not prove persuasive to a court, and what traps to avoid on ex parte applications. The clerking team continues to attract regular positive feedback for its expertise in handling urgent matters and has excellent relationships with listing officers in the Commercial Court, Chancery Division and Queen’s Bench Division enabling applications to be brought on efficiently and advantageously for clients.
  • Disciplinary & Regulatory Injunctions
  • Industrial Action: Collective labour law is truly a niche area and genuine expertise can be difficult to find. Littleton barristers are ideally placed to guide solicitors, and their employer or union clients, through this technical and high-profile area. As would be expected given Littleton excellent reputation for injunctive work, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide top quality pragmatic advice in the fast-moving and sensitive field of industrial disputes.
  • Restricted Reporting & Preserving Confidentiality: Sometimes the subject matter of a case will be so sensitive as to require court orders to preserve confidentiality, prevent harassment and restrict media reporting. Our barristers are experienced in managing such cases, including drafting appropriate orders. When confidential information or documentation is disclosed or referred to in litigation it is often important to maintain that confidentiality. We can help our clients deploy the full range of legal devices available including injunctions, confidential schedules, confidentiality club agreements, restricted reporting orders, redactions, anonymisation and other data protection tools. Our employment law specialist barristers are experienced at obtaining and defending applications for restricted reporting orders in the Employment Tribunal in cases involving allegations of sexual misconduct and disability cases where evidence of a personal nature is likely to be heard by the tribunal.
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