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Is An Attachment To An Email Covered By Legal Privilege?

An issue that has tormented many a litigator is whether…

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Not all breaches lead to loss – a cautionary tale

YJB Port Ltd v M&A Pharmachem Ltd & Anor [2021]…

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The impact of Covid-19 on women’s sport – how the virus compounds funding disparities

The impact of Covid-19 on sport has been significant but…

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Employment Tribunals: Interim Relief and the Equality Act 2010

Joseph Bryan discusses Steer v Stormsure Ltd, in which the…

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Civil Fraud Group Newsletter – January 2021

We are delighted to share the first issue of our…

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John Bowers QC writes about the employment status of foster carers

Foster carers; a myriad of decisions The EAT in Scotland…

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Alan M. Anderson co-edits “The Investor-State Dispute Settlement System: Reform, Replace of Status Quo?”

A new publication “The Investor-State Dispute Settlement System: Reform, Replace…

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Work Rights in the Nursery: Au pairs entitled to the NMW (but in respect of which hours?)

The employment tribunal has disapplied the “family worker” exemption, in…

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What now? – Government Consultation on Non-Compete Covenants

“What’s going on”? is a fair response to the Government’s…

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Witness Statements: A Useful Tool or an Obstacle?

by Mauro Rubino-Sammartano[1]   Until the beginning of the 1980s…

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